Football is back baby!!!

To all the football fans all over the world, life is gonna get interesting again.We have had quite a rough few months but provided everything goes according to plans,we shall leave the boredom and lack of our stress reliever behind.This is not an assurance though but we have to be optimistic.

It feels like we haven’t watched football for like forever and so am gonna jog up your memory on where we left it and what to expect now that it’s coming back.

The English premier league

The EPL will return on 17th june provided that nothing changes in these few days.Let us go over some facts together.Liverpool were in perfect control of the title race and seems like they already have it in the bag but who knows,miracles do exist.They are followed by defending champions Manchester City whose season has not gone as everyone expected.The third position is occupied by Leicester City and Chelsea are fourth.Manchester United,having a good run of form before the epidemic are in the fifth position three points behind Chelsea.

The epidemic has provided an opportunity for some of the injured players to get back on their feet and onto the training ground.The likes of Paul Pogba,Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford have all recovered and are back to what they do best.Let’s just sit back and pray that the remainder of the season will be an interesting one.

The Spanish La Liga

La Liga is set to resume on 11th june and unlike the EPL,on this side the title race is far from decided.Last time out,Barcelona had 58 points and closely behind Real Madrid with 56 points.The break also makes it more interesting as the players feel rejuvenated and are ready to get back on the racetrack to decide on the strongest horse.

We should also not forget to shed some light on the return of stars,Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard from long term injuries and just hope they bring some flare with them to remind us of what we were missing while they were away.

The German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is back for just a few weeks and has already shown us some great stuff beginning with the Jadon Sancho hat-trick,the tribute to George Floyd and Dortmund allowing Bayern an easy title race.Things are far from over yet with just seven points separating the two and with eight matches to go and as we know anything can happen in football.

Let us just hope and pray that everything goes well.As we go back to the punditry wars and the derbies do not forget to sanitize and stay safe.To all our rival fans,we have missed the debates and arguments.See you soon👉.


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