The death of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

Right from the start,many of you may be wondering who this guy is and the main reason you do not know him is because his revolution was cut short.


Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was born in 1985 in Ambo,Ethiopia.He was arrested at 17 years due to his political activism and jailed for five years.He used his time in jail to learn how to compose melodies and write lyrics.By the time he was released he had composed nine songs and immediately released the first one titled ‘sanyi mooti’.

Haacaalu Hundesssa

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was assassinated on 29 june 2020 in Addis Ababa at 9.30 pm.He was shot twice and immediately rushed to Tirunesh Beijing General Hospital,Addis Ababa where he lost his soul.

His death brought a period of darkness to Ethiopia.The streets were rocked with protestors who demanded justice for his death.The government replied by cutting the internet connection and arresting protest leaders.The country was literally in darkness without network and internet connection.

The police have arrested over 3500 people and over 200 civilian protesters killed.Haacaaluu was a singer,song writer and an activist who sang for political freedom and in his last interview before his death,he spoke out against the ruling government.


Haacaaluu was a champion activist who sang about Oromo freedom and rights and spoke out against injustices.He will forever remain in the hearts of the Oromo and the Oromia nation will miss such a champion.

The death of Hacaaluu Hundeessaa comes at a time when the General elections are just around the corner.Let’s hope he gets justice and his death serves a purpose.

19 thoughts on “The death of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

  1. it was a very sad day, when he Achalu hundensa was brutally killed in a cold blood.
    he was a true revolutionist who stood firm to plea of his Oromo nation, he has inspired many with his songs since he came to limelight.

    #We need justice for Hachalu and his family

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  2. Haacaalu Hundeessaa was brutally murdered and justice must be sought for heinous act done to him. Ethiopia as a nation should be in the frontline in seeking justice for him rather than being silent about it and ‘cutting of internet connection across the country’ to prevent the heartbreaking news of his death from getting viral.

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  3. I didn’t know that he was in jail at 17!…but the truth is he is what we always aspire to be just like him courageous and brave at heart.
    Well informed article…
    nice job!

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