Our inevitable demise

Death has been defined as cessation of life or as the irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain including the brain stem.From the moment we are born,it is a universal knowledge that one day we shall die.


The origin of death has different explanations.Each culture or religious sect has its own death origin.The common one being the children of Adam(Cain and Abel) who due to jealousy one killed the other and death has never stopped since.African traditionalists also had various myths associated with death’s origin.Some believe that death was brought about as a punishment for disobedience or some human indifference.

This knowledge that we shall die one day,has had to have various impact on everyone’s life.It influences the choices we make.The fact that we are vulnerable and not immune to death has made us to tread carefully in everything we do.It is what prevents us from enganging in activities that threaten our lives such as speeding.The same knowledge is what prevents you from jumping from a building as we see in movies.

The concept of death is also a major reason for reproduction.Humans do not want to become extinct like the dinnosaurs hence they have to procreate.

We know we are all going to die but what we do with that knowledge is of the utmost importance.Some will be busy planning their future,others creating their future,some living in the past and most of us enjoying our present.The future is full of uncertainties and we should focus on our present.

We should embrace our mortality and enjoy every bit of it.We should strive to create moments and preserve the memories.However,this does not mean that we live recklessly.On the contrary,we should be careful in anything we do.

Enjoy while you can✌

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