Is age really just a number?It can be two numbers or three.Although the latter is harder to come across with the lifestyles that we enjoy.The saying is meant to imply that age cannot and should not limit man’s boundless capabilities.You can have your big break at 18 or 56,you can own your company at 23 or 47.You can achieve your greatest dream at 25 or at age 90.The numbers are just supposed to motivate us to race against a non-tiring,soul deprived and a forever living ghost,death.

Mortality is the greatest code ever created by the greatest programmer ever.This is what makes a man determined to make their dreams come true and leave behind a legacy.Had we been immortal, then achievements would not be as stressful as they are because you can wait for your big break or opportunity till you are maybe 993 years old.However, as it stands, no one has cracked the mortality code and found its remedy.Therefore, our time alive is limited and we have to make most use of it.

One of the most important ages in our lives is the twenties.I would go as far as saying that it is the most important part of our short lives.It provides a pathway from teenage confusion to eventually a serious planning of the future.With it,comes an opportunity to transform a previously bleak and small minded individual to see the world and life from a different perspective.As teenagers most of us were just spectators to life and all its events,but in your twenties just being a fan would not be enough.

Turning 20 is fun at the beginning, finally leaving teenage behind and starting a new journey.Similar to raising a child,adulthood does not come with a manual providing guidance during every step of the way.Mistakes are common during these early stages and they should be welcomed.Mistakes are supposed to be stepping stones for success and not a path to failure.The most important part of it all is our reaction to failures during this period of our life.Mistakes are part of the learning curve and should be embraced.They are free lessons.

How you start a race is important but the manner in which you finish it is more critical.One can begin a race tumbling but can end up leading in the end.The first five years of our twenties form the foundation of our adulthood.People have different definitions of success and different paths to success.There are lots of variabilities when it comes to success but they can be turned into constants by doing something about them while we can.Changes are inevitable whether positive or negative but the individual who turned twenty should be different from the one turning thirty.In this case, it does not become cooler as you go up.Responsibilities become more and hence the next phase of your life requires a different version of you.

During your twenties, distractions are at the maximum.Life goals change during this period of life and distractions should be kept at bay by complete focus and discipline.Discipline is fundamental during this phase.Do not waste your twenties.Focus and stay disciplined.

The path to whatever your notion of success is will likely not be linear. Don’t take continuous personal growth for granted. Just because you’re older doesn’t necessarily mean you’re wiser. Your 20s will be full of failures — let them happen and learn as you go.”

-Holden Desalles

Stay safe.Blessed🖤

The walking dead generation

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘the walking dead’ and for those in the dark,this is your opportunity for some enlightenment.The walking dead implies that despite the fact that we have air in our lungs and pulses in our arteries,we are as good as dead.

Those familiar with this term might have come across the series called The Walking Dead,which is a horror show filmed in a post apocalyptic era.It follows a group of survivors who try to ensure their safety after a zombie apocalypse spreads across the USA.Their leader,Rick,refers to them as the walking dead because they are surrounded by imminent danger.They could be attacked and eliminated by zombies anytime and hence the name.We could also refer to them as a ticking time bomb.

Our generation is more than slightly similar in this case.The creators of the series should be heavily applauded because they have directly or indirectly tried to show us the state that we have been in for sometime now.The main distinction between us and other creatures is that we have a superior thinking and reasoning ability.If that advantage is not put to use,then we have intentionally and voluntarily degraded ourselves.

Other animals do eat,sleep,think and communicate too.Unfortunately,this has become a trademark for our generation.Some humans prefer to just do three of the four activities above,with obvious exclusion of thought.The rate at which humans are sinking to the same level as other creatures is seriously alarming.The fact that some of us cannot use our superior brains is a disgrace and utter disrespect to the one who blessed you with it.Some prefer being objects of mere existence.Why only exist when you can live?.

For creatures blessed with such a high thinking and reasoning capacity,it is really saddening when we refuse to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations.People make mistakes but if we can’t learn from them and correct them,what separates us from sheep that do not know when to start and when to stop an activity?I reckon that some animals can be trained to replace humans in their working positions.Not to be a saddist but this generation has turned into one big MEME and it is time we realized that,despite all our differences we are all humans and we all have a part to play in taking care of this generation.

The fact that we cannot have a universal agreement on the Climate Change issue and racism says alot about this generation.Blessed with a proud lack of common sense and blatant ignorance,you wonder whether animals should be given a chance to rule us and see how it turns out.Maybe we might even like it.It is time we opened our eyes and realized that we have our own legacy to create as a generation and changes have to be made fast.

Change is inevitable and the only remedy is preparation.Stay woke.

#stay woke #stay blessed

2020; Almost in a nutshell

2020,a year whose events cannot be summarised in one word.Catastrophic would be an understatement.Beginning just like any normal year,many of us made new year resolutions hoping to create an updated version of ourselves but things were not as promising as they looked.

2020 has had its fair share of cheers and jeers,failures and successes,ups and downs,but most importantly just like any life changing event it has provided us with an opportunity to view,reflect and focus all our energy on things that matter the most.

2020 in a pic 💥

2020 will have alot to explain if it crosses paths with any of the 7.8 billion people on planet Earth.Its name has been associated with all kind of ills,pain and suffering.Humans naturally tend to remember the negatives and 2020 was,is and will still be under scrutiny for generations to come.

Humans are also good learners and those interested have deduced from 2020 and are ready to avoid the mistakes they did and are ready to journey on.Stationary is a state that we cannot afford,the journey is supposed to go on regardless.

2020 has provided us with lessons we should keep close to our chests.It will forever be remembered as the coronavirus year and George Floyd’s year and without any disregard for other major events including Donald Trump’s end of the road and the Beirut bombing.

Coronavirus has caused misery all over the world.Indiscriminatively affecting everyone’s lives undesirably.It has clearly emphasized on the issue of lack of permanence by taking a notable proportion of Earth’s population.To all those who lost loved ones,may their souls rest in peace but the journey has got to go on.The finding of the Covid-19 vaccine displays our ever willing spirit to save ourselves from extinction and continue with the journey.As of the mortality issue,we should accept the fact that we are vulnerable and enjoy life while it lasts.

George Floyd’s story brought a matter that had been dimmed,to the brighter side and has been described as revolutionary in the fight against racism.Although the issue has not been addressed completely,some people have been enlightened and with time,hopefully the message will be well grasped universally.

Irregardless of all the events that happened in 2020,we have survived and life still goes on.No one can promise that 2021 will be any better but hope and prayers should keep us going.The journey never stops.


Mental health

Mental or physical strength? which would you prefer if you couldn’t have both?This debate has been on for some time and while it is easy for some of us,well it is a dilemma for those who are well enlightened on this matter.

This comes at a time when mental health has been neglected and those affected having to struggle on their own.On 29th October 2020 when I heard of a form three student who committed suicide when his girlfriend ended their relationship,I was seriously appalled.Later,I found out that according to WHO,close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year,which is one person every 40 seconds.


We remain oblivious to this fact,turning a blind eye to the sufferings of our fellow human beings.We have all heard of artists in Kenyan industry suffering from depression.Long gone are the times when only AIDS patients got stigmatized alot.Mentally unhealthy people suffer in silence because of the accompanying stigma when their mental health status comes into the light.

As a society we fail to realize that we are all of different mental strengths and we analyze emotions on different wavelengths.The earlier we realize that difference,the better it will be for all of us.

Depression can be easily adressed if those affected come out earlier and those affected cannot do that because they fear being judged or rather painfully taunted for their different emotional control and processes.

If we decide to lend an ear to those with mental health issues and we learn to clearly differentiate between listening and hearing then we can easily tackle this problem to an extent.Always try to help those in need,who knows,you lending an ear might save a person’s life.Go out of your way and be kind to everybody.If you feel like you cannot help alone,you can always seek help from professional therapists.

Be kind❤❤

I am not demanding that you go all Elijah Mikaelson,who never left his brother’s(Klaus Mikaelson) side despite all the pain and sufferings he had personally dealt him,always trying to aid him in his journey towards redemption.All I am asking is that you be your brother’s keeper and the rest will just level out.

P.S when listening to a person’s problem,don’t whine about yours.It is not a competition.Learn to listen and not to hear.

#Stay blessed.

Our inevitable demise

Death has been defined as cessation of life or as the irreversible cessation of all functions of the entire brain including the brain stem.From the moment we are born,it is a universal knowledge that one day we shall die.


The origin of death has different explanations.Each culture or religious sect has its own death origin.The common one being the children of Adam(Cain and Abel) who due to jealousy one killed the other and death has never stopped since.African traditionalists also had various myths associated with death’s origin.Some believe that death was brought about as a punishment for disobedience or some human indifference.

This knowledge that we shall die one day,has had to have various impact on everyone’s life.It influences the choices we make.The fact that we are vulnerable and not immune to death has made us to tread carefully in everything we do.It is what prevents us from enganging in activities that threaten our lives such as speeding.The same knowledge is what prevents you from jumping from a building as we see in movies.

The concept of death is also a major reason for reproduction.Humans do not want to become extinct like the dinnosaurs hence they have to procreate.

We know we are all going to die but what we do with that knowledge is of the utmost importance.Some will be busy planning their future,others creating their future,some living in the past and most of us enjoying our present.The future is full of uncertainties and we should focus on our present.

We should embrace our mortality and enjoy every bit of it.We should strive to create moments and preserve the memories.However,this does not mean that we live recklessly.On the contrary,we should be careful in anything we do.

Enjoy while you can✌

Letter to a younger me

The sad fact about life is that we cannot control neither our past nor our future.Unlike the past we can impact our future.The only thing we can do about our past is just to live in the memories.

Everyone reading this can admit that they have had their fair share of struggles as adults and at some point wish that they would relive a moment in their childhood just even for a day.Some might argue that they have never had that thought but majority can attest to that.

Dear young enlightener, “I know that this cannot get to you but i have to tell it anyway.Growing up you might have thought that things up here would be better.Though am not complaining,things are not as easy as they were back then.Back then when all you would worry about was either crying when momma left you all alone or being scolded by your parents.

Back then when you worried about almost nothing.Worries have become a part of our lives now.Worrying whether you will survive this day,whether you will finish your studies,whether you will get a job and have a family.The greatest worry being whether you will be proud of yourself and one day look back and say that you made it.

Pressure ya kuomoka is real.People trying to look for shortcuts but everything takes time.Anything you invest in requires adequate time to ripen.With dedication and serious hustle anything can work.

These are not the only things that i want to say to you my friend but if in any way this gets to you,i hope it enlightens you.Till this moment in life,i am proud of how things have played out and thanks for your contribution in that.Enjoy childhood and all that innocence and naivety that comes with it.Enjoy it before it runs out.Finally, remember to sleep adequately and eat well.It is important.”

I would like to change everything,but obviously not everything.I’ve been incredibly fortunate.I guess everybody would do this,but I’d go back to my younger self and say,”lighten up.Take it easy.Relax.Don’t be so anxious about everything.Try to be in the day.Try to not have today stolen from you by anxiety about yesterday or tomorrow.“Bill Nighy.

To all the adults out there,work hard and smart.Trust the process.

The death of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa

Right from the start,many of you may be wondering who this guy is and the main reason you do not know him is because his revolution was cut short.


Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was born in 1985 in Ambo,Ethiopia.He was arrested at 17 years due to his political activism and jailed for five years.He used his time in jail to learn how to compose melodies and write lyrics.By the time he was released he had composed nine songs and immediately released the first one titled ‘sanyi mooti’.

Haacaalu Hundesssa

Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was assassinated on 29 june 2020 in Addis Ababa at 9.30 pm.He was shot twice and immediately rushed to Tirunesh Beijing General Hospital,Addis Ababa where he lost his soul.

His death brought a period of darkness to Ethiopia.The streets were rocked with protestors who demanded justice for his death.The government replied by cutting the internet connection and arresting protest leaders.The country was literally in darkness without network and internet connection.

The police have arrested over 3500 people and over 200 civilian protesters killed.Haacaaluu was a singer,song writer and an activist who sang for political freedom and in his last interview before his death,he spoke out against the ruling government.


Haacaaluu was a champion activist who sang about Oromo freedom and rights and spoke out against injustices.He will forever remain in the hearts of the Oromo and the Oromia nation will miss such a champion.

The death of Hacaaluu Hundeessaa comes at a time when the General elections are just around the corner.Let’s hope he gets justice and his death serves a purpose.


Cessation of movt into and out of Nairobi metropolitan,Mombasa and Mandera lifted by tomorrow,Tuesday 7th July 4 am.

“By reopening (the three counties), we must be cognisant of the fact that we are much more at risk when the restrictions were in place. We must exercise cautious optimism,” President Uhuru told the nation in a televised address from State House, Nairobi.

His announcement comes a day after Kenya recorded the highest number of Covid-19 cases so far in a day at 389.

President Uhuru also directed the Ministry of Education and that of Health to issue and publish guidelines for reopening in September 2020.

He said the ministry will announce the new school calendar in mid-August.


Out there,stay safe and sanitize👊.


It is unnatural and highly unlikely for humans to agree on everything hence the different opinions on different matters.Had it been that easy we would have even had a common religion to begin with.As a result of our disagreeing nature we compromise by agreeing to disagree or disagreeing to agree sometimes.The next series of blogs will be dealing with controversial topics.

Is addiction really good or bad?

Well,many people have pressed on this topic and never really found the answer to this.I cannot promise that this will finish the ongoing debate but i have to say my part.

To begin with,we have various types of addiction.In layman’s terms,Addiction is when the body or mind badly wants or needs something in order to work right.We can be addicted to anything.The most familiar type of addiction is drug addiction but it will not rule this debate as many have already had great discussion about it.

We have other types of addictions that are not adressed due to unknown reasons.Many of us do not like acknowledging the fact that that we have a mobile phone addiction.Technology has been of great use and the advantages always overweigh the opposite.However,that should not deter us from touching on this pressing issue.

Some have argued that they are called cell phones because once we start using them,we become their slaves and they start controlling aspects of our lives.In this generation,the tech-geniuses have done some great work and they have to be appreciated for that.Addiction is never easy to recover from but this particular addiction is somehow beneficial because i don’t know how hard it would have been to survive this coronarized period without our phones in our hands and i am glad i did not have to find out.

Another undiscussed type of addiction is the attachment we get to people.This is rather hard to discuss because we can never get a unanimous answer.Personally, I believe that you should always learn to live and survive on your own but teamwork is seriously needed.A lone wolf does not always survive but the pack does.Interact and get social with people but do not allow yourself to get too attached to someone✌.

Fight it👊

Finally,you can all argue your point but addiction is bad and we should all be aware.There is no good addiction.

#staysafe #Sanitize

Football is back baby!!!

To all the football fans all over the world, life is gonna get interesting again.We have had quite a rough few months but provided everything goes according to plans,we shall leave the boredom and lack of our stress reliever behind.This is not an assurance though but we have to be optimistic.

It feels like we haven’t watched football for like forever and so am gonna jog up your memory on where we left it and what to expect now that it’s coming back.

The English premier league

The EPL will return on 17th june provided that nothing changes in these few days.Let us go over some facts together.Liverpool were in perfect control of the title race and seems like they already have it in the bag but who knows,miracles do exist.They are followed by defending champions Manchester City whose season has not gone as everyone expected.The third position is occupied by Leicester City and Chelsea are fourth.Manchester United,having a good run of form before the epidemic are in the fifth position three points behind Chelsea.

The epidemic has provided an opportunity for some of the injured players to get back on their feet and onto the training ground.The likes of Paul Pogba,Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford have all recovered and are back to what they do best.Let’s just sit back and pray that the remainder of the season will be an interesting one.

The Spanish La Liga

La Liga is set to resume on 11th june and unlike the EPL,on this side the title race is far from decided.Last time out,Barcelona had 58 points and closely behind Real Madrid with 56 points.The break also makes it more interesting as the players feel rejuvenated and are ready to get back on the racetrack to decide on the strongest horse.

We should also not forget to shed some light on the return of stars,Luis Suarez and Eden Hazard from long term injuries and just hope they bring some flare with them to remind us of what we were missing while they were away.

The German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is back for just a few weeks and has already shown us some great stuff beginning with the Jadon Sancho hat-trick,the tribute to George Floyd and Dortmund allowing Bayern an easy title race.Things are far from over yet with just seven points separating the two and with eight matches to go and as we know anything can happen in football.

Let us just hope and pray that everything goes well.As we go back to the punditry wars and the derbies do not forget to sanitize and stay safe.To all our rival fans,we have missed the debates and arguments.See you soon👉.