2020; Almost in a nutshell

2020,a year whose events cannot be summarised in one word.Catastrophic would be an understatement.Beginning just like any normal year,many of us made new year resolutions hoping to create an updated version of ourselves but things were not as promising as they looked.

2020 has had its fair share of cheers and jeers,failures and successes,ups and downs,but most importantly just like any life changing event it has provided us with an opportunity to view,reflect and focus all our energy on things that matter the most.

2020 in a pic 💥

2020 will have alot to explain if it crosses paths with any of the 7.8 billion people on planet Earth.Its name has been associated with all kind of ills,pain and suffering.Humans naturally tend to remember the negatives and 2020 was,is and will still be under scrutiny for generations to come.

Humans are also good learners and those interested have deduced from 2020 and are ready to avoid the mistakes they did and are ready to journey on.Stationary is a state that we cannot afford,the journey is supposed to go on regardless.

2020 has provided us with lessons we should keep close to our chests.It will forever be remembered as the coronavirus year and George Floyd’s year and without any disregard for other major events including Donald Trump’s end of the road and the Beirut bombing.

Coronavirus has caused misery all over the world.Indiscriminatively affecting everyone’s lives undesirably.It has clearly emphasized on the issue of lack of permanence by taking a notable proportion of Earth’s population.To all those who lost loved ones,may their souls rest in peace but the journey has got to go on.The finding of the Covid-19 vaccine displays our ever willing spirit to save ourselves from extinction and continue with the journey.As of the mortality issue,we should accept the fact that we are vulnerable and enjoy life while it lasts.

George Floyd’s story brought a matter that had been dimmed,to the brighter side and has been described as revolutionary in the fight against racism.Although the issue has not been addressed completely,some people have been enlightened and with time,hopefully the message will be well grasped universally.

Irregardless of all the events that happened in 2020,we have survived and life still goes on.No one can promise that 2021 will be any better but hope and prayers should keep us going.The journey never stops.


11 thoughts on “2020; Almost in a nutshell

  1. All the above is 2020. ……that’s a year everyone will live to remember because it has left us with pains and scars …….let’s hope for a better 2021 anyway our next moves aren’t never gonna erase the scars 2020 has left us with. ……God above all

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