The walking dead generation

Most of us are familiar with the term ‘the walking dead’ and for those in the dark,this is your opportunity for some enlightenment.The walking dead implies that despite the fact that we have air in our lungs and pulses in our arteries,we are as good as dead.

Those familiar with this term might have come across the series called The Walking Dead,which is a horror show filmed in a post apocalyptic era.It follows a group of survivors who try to ensure their safety after a zombie apocalypse spreads across the USA.Their leader,Rick,refers to them as the walking dead because they are surrounded by imminent danger.They could be attacked and eliminated by zombies anytime and hence the name.We could also refer to them as a ticking time bomb.

Our generation is more than slightly similar in this case.The creators of the series should be heavily applauded because they have directly or indirectly tried to show us the state that we have been in for sometime now.The main distinction between us and other creatures is that we have a superior thinking and reasoning ability.If that advantage is not put to use,then we have intentionally and voluntarily degraded ourselves.

Other animals do eat,sleep,think and communicate too.Unfortunately,this has become a trademark for our generation.Some humans prefer to just do three of the four activities above,with obvious exclusion of thought.The rate at which humans are sinking to the same level as other creatures is seriously alarming.The fact that some of us cannot use our superior brains is a disgrace and utter disrespect to the one who blessed you with it.Some prefer being objects of mere existence.Why only exist when you can live?.

For creatures blessed with such a high thinking and reasoning capacity,it is really saddening when we refuse to learn from the mistakes of the previous generations.People make mistakes but if we can’t learn from them and correct them,what separates us from sheep that do not know when to start and when to stop an activity?I reckon that some animals can be trained to replace humans in their working positions.Not to be a saddist but this generation has turned into one big MEME and it is time we realized that,despite all our differences we are all humans and we all have a part to play in taking care of this generation.

The fact that we cannot have a universal agreement on the Climate Change issue and racism says alot about this generation.Blessed with a proud lack of common sense and blatant ignorance,you wonder whether animals should be given a chance to rule us and see how it turns out.Maybe we might even like it.It is time we opened our eyes and realized that we have our own legacy to create as a generation and changes have to be made fast.

Change is inevitable and the only remedy is preparation.Stay woke.

#stay woke #stay blessed

6 thoughts on “The walking dead generation

  1. “Some animals can be trained to replace people in work places”
    That only hits different.
    People need to live not only to exist, we should look at ourselves and ask ourselves a questions. What did i do? , What am i doing? And what will i do? When? And Why?
    That only can make a huge difference.
    Big Thanks to elightener. Stay blessed

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  2. When we exist through life ,life happens to us and we manage but when we fully live ,we happen to life and we rule and conquer.#Desire to live life to the fullest.
    Thanks for the awesome reminder enlightner

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